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LEDAS Cloud Platform

The Fastest Way to Put 3D Modeling on the Web

LEDAS Cloud Platform (LCP) is designed for developing and customizing client-server 3D modeling applications on public and private clouds.
The technology behind LCP is based on the LEDAS team’s deep technical expertise in the disciplines of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and AEC/BIM.
Our LCP technology is ready for licensing.
Contact us for detailed information and access to the trial version — online, of course!

3D Modeling
in Your Browser

LEDAS Cloud Platform supports 3D modeling on all major Web browsers for the desktop (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) and on mobile devices, iOS and Android. The list of supported browsers includes Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE 11, Opera, and Safari.

Instant Collaboration
for Your Team

Simultaneously accessing, sharing, and modifying the same 3D model by one or many users ensures that all members of your team always have access to the actual, most up-to-date project data.

Bi-directional Connection
for Instant Updates

The connection is bi-directional between 3D visualization data in the browser and 3D model representation on server. All modifications made by users in their browsers are immediately sent and applied to the 3D model running on the servers in the cloud.

without Bottlenecks

LCP maintains direct contact between the Web browser and the dedicated computational server in the cloud. It runs as many 3D models in parallel as you require, without performance bottlenecks.

Real-world Usage Scenarios

  • Create brand-new 3D modeling apps in the cloud
  • View and navigate 3D data — without installing any software — directly on desktop and mobile devices
  • Access functions of your existing desktop CAD/CAM/AEC system in Web browsers

Areas of Application

  • AEC/BIM designing
  • CAD/PLM modeling
  • Mesh processing
  • Point cloud viewing
  • Integrating existing commercial and open-source geometric kernels with third-party 3D modeling libraries
  • Solving a wide range of 3D modeling problems

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File Formats

  • IFC
  • ACIS, Parasolid, C3D, and others

Benefits to Working with LEDAS and LCP

  • Flexible licensing policies, with no royalties
  • Full access to the source code to modify it, supplement it, and deploy it
  • Runs on public clouds, like Amazon and Azure, and on locally-hosted private clouds
  • LEDAS provides full range of software development services based on LCP and related R&D in the area of 3D modeling